# According to the ownership
· Own / first party cookies: Sent and operated by our own Web Site.
· Third-party cookies: sent and operated by a company of the third party beyond our company's control, in anonymous form, for statistical browsing purposes of our Web Site.

# According to the intended purpose
· Technical and/or personalisation cookies: are used to improve navigation on identifying the browsing session.
· Analytical cookies: allow to know the number of visits made in the different sections of the Web Sites, users' habits and tendencies and therefore, being able to improve the browsing (mainly Google Analytics). They compile anonymously data with the aim of obtaining users' browsing profiles.

# According to the length of time
· Session cookies: collect and store data only whilst the user is accessing the website.
· Persistent cookies: collect and store data in the user terminal equipment for a variable period of time by virtue of the purpose which have been used. The cookies shelf life shall depend of the type and whenever shall be the minimum indispensable to attain its objective.


In either case, users may configure their browser so that it does disable or block all or some of these cookies. The fact of refusing to receive these cookies, does not constitute an impediment to be able to have access to the Web Site. Once the consent is granted for cookies reception, if the user wants to withdraw, the cookies stored in the user's device computer equipment shall be deleted across the different browsers' options.

The way of setting the different browsers to exercise the actions as referred to in the previous paragraphs, it can be consulted on:
· Firefox
· Chrome
· Explorer
· Safari
· Opera

This Cookies Policy may be amended by occurring changes in the configuration and/or use of the cookies, publishing its updated version in their Web Sites.