Mega Mall in Tehran (Iran)

On May, 25th 2017 the new Cinema Mega Mall was opened in Tehran (Iran) featuring 10 halls. The company Iranian D Cinema installed 1.200 Ezcaray Internacional armchairs, models Berón and Sofía (Vip Hall) a perfect match with modern interiorism focused on lighting and confort. Therefore all armchairs have integrated cup holders in the armrests and Venezia upholstery in dark blue (Vip Hall), red, black and burgundy colours.

To grant the best experience to spectators all cinema halls are provided with Dolby 7.1 sound, XPE Qubeiran E Cinema Servers and IDC-TMS Controls. Hall 1 features 3D Sound Auro, Barclo DP2K projector and Alchemy Server; Hall 2 Barco DP2K-20C projector and Alchemy Server.

The mall opens with 205 shops and 3.500 lots parking for 160.000 built square meters for a total of 190.000 square meters. Besides the shopping area the Mall includes restaurants, bowling and a hiper market. Un culture and life style reference in the persian capital.


mega_mall_1 mega_mall_2 mega_mall_4 mega_mall_5 mega_mall_14mega_mall_6


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