What makes us different from the rest?
Our company, Ezcaray Internacional, has been in the business for over a hundred years, during which time the experience built up would be difficult to surpass.

Business model
Since 1955 it has operated as a cooperative, with all the advantages that this business model implies with regard to the sense of personal responsibility and professionalism which each worker displays in carrying out their work. The structure of our organisation is highly versatile, which allows us to maintain direct control over all the manufacturing processes, from design to the final installation of the seating.

To complement the experience of the human factor we also have the constant concern to make use of the most advanced technological resources, permitting us to offer you the best seats at the most competitive prices. All our seats are manufactured with the care and precision demanded by modern times and both the raw materials used and the manufacturing process itself allow us to guarantee all our products for a minimum of 3 years.

Fast after sales service in supplying replacement parts and future modifications guarantee any particular expectations to be met. Thus any adaptation required for mounting in the final project can be solved immediately.

Quality "Quality is our strongest value" The quality of our seats is very well known throughout Spain and for many years we have also been exporting our products to countries such as Germany, France, Belgium and Holland.

And we have opened new markets in the USA, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia among other places. We have lots of capacity to adapt: our already large catalogue of standard products can be increased through the manufacture of specific designs created by architects and interior designers.

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